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Blue bridge behaviour

‘blue bridge behaviour’ – an evolving flash animation

Formal systems created by people for people,
like cities, buildings and traffic lights,
and people contained within systems created by people.

Behaviour expected by people,
learned and modelled, simulated and repeated,
people within people’s formal systems. (In blue)

Red Line – Yellow Line

‘red line – yellow line’ is a part of a visual investigation of accidental compositions produced from sorting random pieces of coloured paper and card, the paper is filmed on the studio floor and the shapes are explored for compositional potential, some moments of footage are kept and sorted into relationships, various modernist motifs are exploited, a library of elements is generated, to be archived or reused

Consequences of Love

This is one of a series of images I made recently called ‘Consequences of Love’, after the beautiful novel by Sulaiman Addonia.

The image arose from my observation of the early evening ritual of the men and women of the Moroccan town of Essaouira, many of whom take a stroll about the battlements of it’s sea wall before nightfall. The men are typically alone, the women in small groups, I thought there was something poetic and melancholy about it. It certainly ads a palpable atmosphere or frisson.

It reminded me very much of Addonia’s book, which is set in Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia, a place where contact between men and women outside the home is all but impossible (but especially for the poor), and all public contact between the sexes is controlled by Sharia.

Palette Driven

Palette Driven Mobile Aesthetic

This model for a series of sculptural forms inspired by packing palettes, the paintings of Mondrian and the De Stihl art movement, and the current trend for modularity in culture, politics and design was shown in Temple Bar Gallery & Studios as part of ‘The BiG Store’ show curated by Alan Butler and Lola Rayne Booth.

Custom made palettes are stacked or arranged, separated by planes or panels derived from Mondrian’s palette, these can be re-arranged, wall mounted or extented in multiple ways to meet the requirements of the space available.

These pieces continue my fascination with the modernist aesthetic as it re-appears in systems, spaces and forms in our society, and employs the concepts of scalability, and redundancy to reveal the characteristics of current critical dilemmas.

The Haunted Castle of Leap

Castle Leap from Niall Flaherty on Vimeo.

Date/Time: Monday, 21 – Sunday, 27 September Monday – Saturday: 12-7pm; Sunday: 12-5pm
Venue: Ranelagh Arts Shop, 26 Ranelagh
Tickets: Free

A busload of artists from Ranelagh, and their friends- painters, photographers, video artists and scribes – descended on Leap Castle in Co. Offaly, home of Tin-Whistle ‘Maestro’ Sean Ryan, his wife Ann Callanan and their daughter (step dancing champion and musician extraordinaire) Ciara Ryan, in July of this year.

The artists photographed, sketched and recorded their memories, lunch was served and strong drink imbibed. Sean and Ciara were joined by their friend, De Dannan’s Alec Finn, stopping in on his way to the Willie Clancy Week in Milltown Malbay and a music session ensued. The resulting exhibition records their impressions of a haunting and magical place.

Artists include Charles Crockatt, Felicity Finlay, Niall Flaherty, Gerhardt Gallagher, Brian Henderson, Eamon Gogarty, Angel Luis Gonzalez Imelda Healy, Kate Horgan, Ann Murphy, Katy Simpson, Darragh Owens, Robin Price, Rory Pierce and Heather Finn.

Neu! Graduate Showcase

NEU! New Emerging Undergraduates Ella Bertilsson, Cormac Browne, Cristina Bunello, AJ Doyle, Helen Horgan, Sam Keogh & Serena Teehan

Selected by the Monster Truck Curators: Michelle Considine, Lola Rayne Booth, Peter Prendergast Niall Flaherty, Jonathan Mayhew, Sharon Phelan & Davey Moor

at Monster Truck Gallery & Studios 16 July 2009- 27 July 2009 Launch: Thurs 16 July, 6-8pm Also launching: Multiples Cabinet series 1, True + False

Monster Truck Gallery and Studios presents NEU! – New Emerging Undergraduateds, an exhibition of seven young artists carefully selected from this years graduating classes at NCAD, DIT and IADT by the seven members of Monster Truck’s Curatorial Team. Each of these artists were selected by a different person for very different reasons, and all of the artists in this show demonstrate individual and distinct practices, reflecting the different tastes and interests of our curators. We hope that this show will provide a comprehensive overview of some of the highlights of the graduating class of 2009.

Serena Teehan’s work has stemmed from inquiries into belief structures and she is particularly interested in the complex symbolic relationship which individuals have with objects. Serena produces tactile, puzzle-like hybrids, using materials brought beyond their recognizable forms, such as hula hoop’s and coated polystyrene. The arrangement of the objects in space is intended to arouse curiosity and to explore how we ascribe meaning to things based on our own beliefs.

I chose Serena’s work for NEU! because it represents the difficulty of reading meaning from form. Her apparently universal shapes, seemingly derived from a library of forms and cosmological spaces are purposefully shaped but refuse to be fixed in meaning.

Trace – 10to12artists at Palace Contemporary Projects

Opening reception:
6–8pm Wednesday, 17th June 2009
Exhibition continues:
12–6pm, 18th–20th June 2009

Plotting a course… following a path… pursuing their own process… 10 to 12 artists set out together to trace a new route. With a lightness of touch, embracing models of production and activity from artists they admire, they develop for themselves new practices to describe their world.

Trace is the inaugural show of a new artists’ collective called ’10to12artists’, formed by graduates of IADT in 2008. The show features new works in a variety of media including drawing, painting, photography, video and installation.

10to12artists are: Lorraine Byrne, Gráinne Brady, Pamela de Brí, Charles Henihan, Jacinta Hughes, Denise Kevany, John Murray, Joe Nagle, Roma Przedpelska, Ann Turpin and Mary Quinn.

The works for Trace have been selected by Niall Flaherty, who is a practicing artist and educator, a founder member of Blackletter Artists Group and currently a member of Monster Truck Gallery’s curatorial team.

This is an artist-initiated project, as part of the independent summer programme of exhibitons at the Pallas Contemporary Projects