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A Lively Start to a Dead End

RHA Gallery Dublin

I loved this show in the RHA recently, an inspired and generous effort, and a great use of the large upstairs space at the RHA. Everyone I spoke to about it was hugely impressed.

Nevan’s work has had a strong popular following, and despite an overall positive critical reception for the show, the reviews while positive in tone, were with a few exceptions somewhat less generous in spirit than the exhibition itself. On the evidence of the overall response to this show though, I think even his critics may be starting to warm to him.

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Five’s last mystery

Did you ever wonder where the actors from The Famous Five TV series are now? While looking it up I found this site… and the unfolding of a 7 year mystery for some. It’s not exactly a mystery in the style of one of The Five’s adventures, and it ended up on Ray D’arcy’s Fix-it Friday apparently, so you may have known about it already :)

It starts in 2002 when someone asks whatever happened to the actress who played ‘George’ from The Famous Five, and when the answer comes in that she has died, these on-line sleuths don’t take it too well. Nostalgic, touching, and weirdly obsessional people mulling over the death (maybe?) of someone they don’t know, relying on sources they don’t fully trust or don’t want to believe.