Niall Flaherty


An experimental video performance

The Artist as Singer performs to camera and the recordings are layered over each other in digital video, in such a way as to acheive a painterly palette. Then the Artist as Editor plays with the video timeline, scrubbing the playhead back and forth while the piece is being recorded to tape, producing a curious stuttered non-linearity that both disturbs and amuses.

This ‘scrubbed’ Karaoke performance, exploiting the formal qualities of the non-linear editor’s timeline, becomes a self-conscious audio/visual self-portrait.

Singing the song ‘In The Ghetto’, made famous by Elvis Presley, the Karaoke classic becomes a knowing, sometimes disturbing, sometimes humourous piece that records the multi-layered roles performed by the Artist – as Subject, Singer, Editor, King and Fool.

DVD (Pal Video) Duration: 5 mins

Categorised as: Fine Art, Video

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