Niall Flaherty

Magnhild Opdöl @ Project Platform

Magnhild Opdöl @ Project Platform

Project Platform was the emerging artist section at the centre of Dublin Art Fair 2008 in the RDS. Monster Truck Gallery & Studios were invited to select an artist for inclusion. They chose Monster Truck Award winner Magnhild Opdöl. The event was curated by Niall Flaherty and Alan Butler.

Magnhild Opdøl is an interdisciplinary artist using multi-various media, inc. drawing, taxidermy, painting, sculpture and installation. She often attributes animal characteristics to humans, using images to highlight the perfusion of power in our world, as well as generating dichotomies between world-scale and intimate personal goals. Norwegian Magnhild has exhibited throughout her native Scandinavia, and currently occupys Dublin City Council’s International Studio at the Red Stables. Part of The Monster Truck Gallery & Studios, she received the Monster Truck Award (2008).

Categorised as: Curation, Fine Art, Monstertruck

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