Niall Flaherty

Neu! Graduate Showcase

NEU! New Emerging Undergraduates Ella Bertilsson, Cormac Browne, Cristina Bunello, AJ Doyle, Helen Horgan, Sam Keogh & Serena Teehan

Selected by the Monster Truck Curators: Michelle Considine, Lola Rayne Booth, Peter Prendergast Niall Flaherty, Jonathan Mayhew, Sharon Phelan & Davey Moor

at Monster Truck Gallery & Studios 16 July 2009- 27 July 2009 Launch: Thurs 16 July, 6-8pm Also launching: Multiples Cabinet series 1, True + False

Monster Truck Gallery and Studios presents NEU! – New Emerging Undergraduateds, an exhibition of seven young artists carefully selected from this years graduating classes at NCAD, DIT and IADT by the seven members of Monster Truck’s Curatorial Team. Each of these artists were selected by a different person for very different reasons, and all of the artists in this show demonstrate individual and distinct practices, reflecting the different tastes and interests of our curators. We hope that this show will provide a comprehensive overview of some of the highlights of the graduating class of 2009.

Serena Teehan’s work has stemmed from inquiries into belief structures and she is particularly interested in the complex symbolic relationship which individuals have with objects. Serena produces tactile, puzzle-like hybrids, using materials brought beyond their recognizable forms, such as hula hoop’s and coated polystyrene. The arrangement of the objects in space is intended to arouse curiosity and to explore how we ascribe meaning to things based on our own beliefs.

I chose Serena’s work for NEU! because it represents the difficulty of reading meaning from form. Her apparently universal shapes, seemingly derived from a library of forms and cosmological spaces are purposefully shaped but refuse to be fixed in meaning.

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