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Blue bridge behaviour

‘blue bridge behaviour’ – an evolving flash animation

Formal systems created by people for people,
like cities, buildings and traffic lights,
and people contained within systems created by people.

Behaviour expected by people,
learned and modelled, simulated and repeated,
people within people’s formal systems. (In blue)

New Courses starting soon!

Artist-makers Online are currently taking bookings for the 5-part course ‘E-commerce web-design and promotion‘. The course is ideal for individuals who are interested in building portfolio websites to include e-Commerce, social-media and are search-engine optimised.

1.Get your site online (domain-name and hosting)
2. Publish your content (using wordpress as a CMS)
3. Prepare your media (images, slideshows, video and maps etc)
4. Sell and promote your work (ecommerce and social media)
5. Optimise your site for search engines (SEO and Google Analytics)

Find out more here!

Midlands Masterclass in Web Design

I’ll be delivering a course in Webdesign as part of this years Midlands Masterclasses organised by the Arts Offices of Offaly, Laois, Longford and Westmeath.

“We have developed this series of masterclasses as a response to the professional needs of visual artists, musical enthusiasts, dancers, writers and performers right across the Midlands.

These master classes are now a regular feature of our collaborative work together in increasing the standards of arts practice in the Midlands as well as creating a greater Midland Cultural identity. With this project we aim to also empower artists and arts venues in the region with the skills and resources needed to realise this objective.

The expected outcome is an increased in knowledge, skills, possibilities and confidence in the professional arts sector in the Midlands.”

More Info here.

New Course for NCAD CEAD

NCAD CEAD (Continuing Education in Art and Design) has published it’s part-time course handbook for 2010/2011. (Download pdf via website)

My course entitled ‘Website design and promotion for visual artists and craftspeople‘, is offered by NCAD CEAD in 2 separate 5-week runs on Monday nights. The course runs from Sept 27th – Nov 1st and Nov 8th to Dec 6th.

Course content

We can cover a lot in 5 weeks, have a read through the course overview and learning outcomes for more info. (Click image to enlarge)

A version of this course was taught in Clare in association with the Clare County Council Arts Office and VAI, and the website promotions module was delivered during both the NSF and VAI’s annual artists training programmes last year.

Red Line – Yellow Line

‘red line – yellow line’ is a part of a visual investigation of accidental compositions produced from sorting random pieces of coloured paper and card, the paper is filmed on the studio floor and the shapes are explored for compositional potential, some moments of footage are kept and sorted into relationships, various modernist motifs are exploited, a library of elements is generated, to be archived or reused

New Courses in Clare Coco

During May and early June I’ll be delivering a course called ‘e-Commerce website design and promotion for artists and craftspeople’, in association with Visual Artists Ireland and Clare County Council’s Arts Office.

Course Content

1. Identify, acquire and manage a quality website hosting account
2. Construct a visually appealing feature-rich website with own blog
3. Prepare images for display online and create image galleries
4. Sell products online via e-commerce and promote your work via Social Media and SEO

Find out more at Artist-makers Online.

Clare County Council Arts Office

Logo of Visual Artists Ireland