Niall Flaherty

Palette Driven

Palette Driven Mobile Aesthetic

This model for a series of sculptural forms inspired by packing palettes, the paintings of Mondrian and the De Stihl art movement, and the current trend for modularity in culture, politics and design was shown in Temple Bar Gallery & Studios as part of ‘The BiG Store’ show curated by Alan Butler and Lola Rayne Booth.

Custom made palettes are stacked or arranged, separated by planes or panels derived from Mondrian’s palette, these can be re-arranged, wall mounted or extented in multiple ways to meet the requirements of the space available.

These pieces continue my fascination with the modernist aesthetic as it re-appears in systems, spaces and forms in our society, and employs the concepts of scalability, and redundancy to reveal the characteristics of current critical dilemmas.

Categorised as: Fine Art

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