Niall Flaherty

The Haunted Castle of Leap

Castle Leap from Niall Flaherty on Vimeo.

Date/Time: Monday, 21 – Sunday, 27 September Monday – Saturday: 12-7pm; Sunday: 12-5pm
Venue: Ranelagh Arts Shop, 26 Ranelagh
Tickets: Free

A busload of artists from Ranelagh, and their friends- painters, photographers, video artists and scribes – descended on Leap Castle in Co. Offaly, home of Tin-Whistle ‘Maestro’ Sean Ryan, his wife Ann Callanan and their daughter (step dancing champion and musician extraordinaire) Ciara Ryan, in July of this year.

The artists photographed, sketched and recorded their memories, lunch was served and strong drink imbibed. Sean and Ciara were joined by their friend, De Dannan’s Alec Finn, stopping in on his way to the Willie Clancy Week in Milltown Malbay and a music session ensued. The resulting exhibition records their impressions of a haunting and magical place.

Artists include Charles Crockatt, Felicity Finlay, Niall Flaherty, Gerhardt Gallagher, Brian Henderson, Eamon Gogarty, Angel Luis Gonzalez Imelda Healy, Kate Horgan, Ann Murphy, Katy Simpson, Darragh Owens, Robin Price, Rory Pierce and Heather Finn.

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  1. It became important to have a look at your own web site Niall!! The wispy bird earlier on today was very moving, and looking at the full video proved to be such a treat! The crochet multi coloured blanket on the line was so evocative for me…my Mam made dozens of these! Blowing in the breeze,maybe gathering in memories or sweeping away bad dreams? Such Drama! Loved the piece!

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